Spanish Second Grade

second grade

Spanish Curriculum
Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

¡Hola! ¡Beinvenidos a la clase de segundo de Ingles y Español! Second grade Spanish Immersion students at Courthouse Academy are exposed to a diverse Spanish curriculum. Lessons in Spanish will become more comprehensive as the children begin to grasp an understanding of the language. Students will be guided through developing an increasingly expanded Spanish vocabulary, writing in Spanish and practicing grammatical exercises such as conjugating verbs. Students will develop and use more conversational skills, becoming more confident in their abilities to hold conversations in Spanish. Spanish Immersion students in second grade love working together to problem solve. 

English Curriculum Overview

Courthouse Academy’s second grade encourages your child to be an active learner, exposing them to many new subjects. In a nurturing, structured, and fun environment second graders are challenged in their new lessons.Courthouse Academy understands the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL’s) which state the public schools’ educational goals for the school year. Courthouse uses the SOL’s as a starting place to launch from rather than the goals for the year.Students will receive engaging instruction, and have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the subjects at hand. Students at Courthouse Academy generally finish the school year reading one to two grades above their same-age peers.

The student’s critical thinking continues to improve with greater challenges to employ it. Their mastery of what they are learning will help them to become more successful, self-sufficient, and confident.

Here what our second graders have to say! 

First things first, you should know that once you’ve hit the second or third grade, you’ve finally hit the top of the food chain at Courthouse. We learned all about food chains in October. It was a little gross at first — did you know owls will spit out all those bones after they swallow a mouse whole?!? But it’s totally got to happen to make the whole “circle of life” happen.

And at Courthouse, second graders are at the top of the circle. The little kids look up to us. We have to make sure we do everything right because they’re always watching us. So, like, for example, your backpack… you better hang it up nice and straight and keep your lunchbox in the right place! And when you’re in the hall, you’ve got to walk quietly and in a line! Ms. Kate is always reminding us that we’re the big kids here and we’ve got to act like it, or we might get sent back to Ms. Lisa in the Kindergarten room!

Second grade is pretty awesome. We get to do lots of hands on stuff. Last week we made bread! We had to measure out all the flour, and the yeast, and the sugar, and the water, and the salt and it was a little messy…well, a lot messy, but Ms. Kate said that was okay because “we’re learning.” I don’t know what we were learning, but she said it was part of our math and science centers. Go figure.
I like it best when we do our learning outside. We get to go out with our “Tree Journals” and make observations (that’s when you notice stuff and write it down) about nature. Or when we were learning about measuring and we got to go around the school with our rulers. That’s pretty cool.

You’d think second grade would be a lot of work, but our days go pretty fast. Well, except for the hour before lunch, but that’s okay. I like lunch best because we get to practice our Spanish while we’re eating with our amigos. After that, I like recess and gym. Well, I kind of like them all the same. And I really like social studies. Did you know the Great Wall of China stretches out like 13,000 miles?! I think that’s bigger than Virginia Beach!