Teacher Testimonials

“Working at Courthouse Academy has been a joy. From the owner to the students everyone is caring and willing to lend a hand. Even with my short time of being here, I have seen teachers use any and every opportunity as a learning experience. Also, parents are active in their child’s learning and always open to suggestions. At any time during the day someone is always available to answer a question or help solve a problem. I love Courthouse Academy!”   – Courtney Brown

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”   – Robert John Meehan

“I chose this quote because it truly describes my experience at Courthouse Academy, as well as the method of how I run my classroom. I believe we have something to learn from others and it doesn’t matter if they are young or old. I am committed to becoming a better teacher because of the wisdom my mentors have given to me. My own style of teaching is evolving and improving. One reason I wanted to become a teacher was because I enjoy learning and I wanted to share my passion with others. I feel a tremendous responsibility to develop and encourage the young minds in my classroom to find their love for learning too. I am proud to announce that I am not just a kindergarten teacher but I am a kindergarten teacher at Courthouse Academy.” – Meaghan Smith

“Working at Courthouse Academy has allowed me to grow my passion for working with children. I have a lot of experience teaching and my background in sociology and psychology helps me to adapt to each child and their needs. I adore teaching the pre-k class and the freedom that Courthouse allows. We love to explore new things, think out of the box and encourage creativity; all the while getting a private school education at an accelerated level. I appreciate the doors that have been opened for me, as well as the friends that I have made young and old! It doesn’t feel like a job if you love doing it!”   – Kristin Watkins

“Working at Courthouse Academy has given me the opportunity to be able to help (my kids) our students learn a different language and to be able to expand their little minds at a very young age. Seeing the smile on the face of my students when they enjoy learning from me is the greatest feeling in the world. This tells me I’m doing something right, it’s the most rewarding job ever. They are the reason why I love to teach not only my class but I love that the staff treats me as family.”   – Martha Greenhaw

“I enjoy working at Courthouse Academy because of the atmosphere. It is a laid back environment, where we are always having fun and laughing. When your coworkers have become friends, work feels a lot less like work. However, our first priority is always the education, safety and love for the kids. My passion is education. At Courthouse Academy I am able to share my passion with my students and teach them in a fun and creative environment making them the teachers and me the student at times! Courthouse is the place for me and I hope to be here for many years.”   – Liz Lewis

“I have been working at Courthouse Academy for 13 years. Working at Courthouse Academy with the children is very fulfilling and I especially love that we are an academic based school with a Spanish Immersion program. My Spanish Immersion four year old students get very excited when they are able to respond to a question with the correct answer in Spanish. Our Spanish program is a great beginning to nurture a blossoming bilingual child.”   – Joy Bateson