Student Testimonials

“I like Courthouse Academy because it’s a big place and it’s comforting to me. Comforting things I like are the chairs, the library, the book fair, and the playground is awesome! I like my Spanish teacher, Miss Yolanda. I like my teacher, Miss Liz, because she has a big birthday. I can give her a birthday hug and presents.”

“I like math centers, and new words in Spanish. I know how to say the vowels in Spanish.
I’m learning to be an example for the four year-olds.”

“My best friend is Abby.”

“I also liked that the petting zoo came to school. I liked to touch the alligators.
We have a few funny people here, especially me, I’m goofy!”  –Frankie Marti, First Grade

“I was really little when I first came to Courthouse Academy. Now I’m in kindergarten! I like all my teachers because they are nice.”

“At Courthouse Academy I can learn, I like to learn!”

“In my class we are learning science. I am making a little book about apples. The things we are putting in our books are seeds, a tree, buds, blossoms and apples.”

“When I make my apple book I’m supposed to read it to myself. But I’m going to read it to Gwyneth. I am also going to read it to my daddy!”

Courthouse Academy is a fun place to play.”

“I take tap & ballet. I know how to do a plie’, see? (Does plie’). I like ballet because I’m a beautiful, beautiful ballerina.”  — Samantha Schill, Kindergarten

“I started to come to Courthouse Academy when I was 3 years old. I have lots of friends at school now.”

“I like to learn about the governor, mayor, president and I like history.”

“I like that my school is a Spanish Immersion school. I started to learn Spanish in Pre-k. I like PE, music and art. I want to stay at Courthouse for third grade.”

“I like my teachers, my friends and the book fair.”

“I like to take dance. I like tap and ballet the most. Hip-hop is o.k. If I go a year without dance, I won’t live!”

“I like that the owner brings her dogs to school. Scout is so nice and Ranger used to be so tiny.”

“I love the owner!”  — Abby Hendricksen, Second Grade