Spanish Second Grade

second grade students

Spanish Curriculum
Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

¡Hola! ¡Beinvenidos a la clase de segundo de Ingles y Español!

Second grade Spanish Immersion students at Courthouse Academy are exposed to a diverse Spanish curriculum. Lessons in Spanish will become more comprehensive as the children begin to grasp an understanding of the language.

NOTE: If your child has no Spanish experience, this curriculum is structured for your child to not only catch-up quickly, but fully realize the full benefits of being bilingual!

Students will:

  • be guided through developing an increasingly expanded Spanish vocabulary, writing in Spanish and practicing grammatical exercises such as conjugating verbs.
  • develop and use more conversational skills, becoming more confident in their abilities to hold conversations in Spanish.
  • work together to problem solve!

English Curriculum Overview

Courthouse Academy’s second grade encourages your child to be an active learner, exposing them to many new subjects.

In a nurturing, structured, and fun environment second graders are challenged in their new lessons. Courthouse Academy understands the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL’s) which state the public schools’ educational goals for the school year.

Courthouse uses the SOL’s as a starting place to launch from rather than the goals for the year. Students will receive engaging instruction, and have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the subjects at hand.

Students at Courthouse Academy generally finish the school year reading one to two grades above their same-age peers.

The student’s critical thinking continues to improve with greater challenges to employ it. Their mastery of what they are learning will help them to become more successful, self-sufficient, and confident.

Testimonials from our 2nd graders!

“First things first, you should know that once you’ve hit the second or third grade, you’ve finally hit the top of the food chain at Courthouse. We learned all about food chains in October. It was a little gross at first — did you know owls will spit out all those bones after they swallow a mouse whole?!? But it’s totally got to happen to make the whole “circle of life” happen.”

“And at Courthouse, second graders are at the top of the circle. The little kids look up to us. We have to make sure we do everything right because they’re always watching us. So, like, for example, your backpack… you better hang it up nice and straight and keep your lunchbox in the right place! And when you’re in the hall, you’ve got to walk quietly and in a line! Ms. Kate is always reminding us that we’re the big kids here and we’ve got to act like it, or we might get sent back to Ms. Lisa in the Kindergarten room!”

“Second grade is pretty awesome. We get to do lots of hands on stuff. Last week we made bread! We had to measure out all the flour, and the yeast, and the sugar, and the water, and the salt and it was a little messy…well, a lot messy, but Ms. Kate said that was okay because “we’re learning.” I don’t know what we were learning, but she said it was part of our math and science centers. Go figure.”

I like it best when we do our learning outside. We get to go out with our “Tree Journals” and make observations (that’s when you notice stuff and write it down) about nature. Or when we were learning about measuring and we got to go around the school with our rulers. That’s pretty cool.”

“You’d think second grade would be a lot of work, but our days go pretty fast. Well, except for the hour before lunch, but that’s okay. I like lunch best because we get to practice our Spanish while we’re eating with our amigos. After that, I like recess and gym. Well, I kind of like them all the same. And I really like social studies. Did you know the Great Wall of China stretches out like 13,000 miles?! I think that’s bigger than Virginia Beach!”

Or… prefer to hear from parents?


“Where can I begin… The faculty, administrative staff, and even the families are very caring and quite remarkable!  I have two children attending for two years now, and their growth – both educationally and socially is amazing!  My Kindergartener is now reading ME stories at night!  And there is a Spanish speaking teacher in every class to fully immerse them in the language daily.  So both my 3 and 6 year old are not only responding to greetings in Spanish, but singing entire songs in the language!  A separate art and music class are also a part of their weekly program routine.  When selecting a school, academics is a priority for me – especially at this important stage.  I can honestly say that Courthouse Academy didn’t disappoint.  The fact that my children can get a high quality education in a place where I can also tell that they feel loved and supported; a place where differences are celebrated, is a total WIN!  I would strongly recommend Courthouse Academy to anyone!” — Aisha Wilkinson Newsome

“I must say that my husband and I have been impressed with your school since day 1. We were very hesitant to start Kasey so young, as neither of us were ready for her to leave our side. With that being said you and your staff have made our 6 years at your school an absolute dream! Kasey has grown and learned so much. She started off as a shy little girl and is now an outgoing, always ready to learn young lady. The small class sizes and enthusiastic, amazing, hardworking, teachers who really care about the children and their educational needs are instrumental to the children success. We just want to thank you and all of the teachers and staff at Courthouse Academy for being such a vital part of our lives!” — Dienetta and Kelvin Cooper

“I love Courthouse Academy and their offering of bi-lingual classes!

My daughter, Savannah was a little apprehensive about learning and speaking Spanish in the beginning because I had never exposed her to it previously However now two years later, her apprehension has been converted to eagerness to learn more and to actually speak more.  Children’s minds are like sponges and my daughter is no exception.  She is always singing songs in Spanish now and is gaining more confidence to engage in conversation with the waiters and waitresses while out to dinner at the Mexican restaurants.

The way I see it, by my daughter attending Courthouse Academy at such a young age and being immersed in the bi-lingual atmosphere she has been given a solid foundation to flourish for the rest of her life.  By starting Spanish in kindergarten and continuing to learn the language through 5th grade here at Courthouse Academy she will then be more than ready by the 6th grade to start her High School level years of foreign language and perhaps continue through the AP Spanish classes setting her up with an advantage for success in her career choice whatever that may be later in life.  I love that my child is becoming more worldly at such a young age learning about various countries from first-hand experience from the teachers who lived in Puerto Rico, Panama, Cuba, Ecuador and so on.

Courthouse Academy is filled with wonderful teachers and staff and I encourage everyone to allow their children to attend this wonderful school and providing your child to have an opportunity of a lifetime. Once you see your child walk across the stage for graduation from kindergarten, first grade and so on and you see and hear the talent and progression in their ability to speak and sing in Spanish it just warms your heart and brings you confirmation that your child is right where they belong at Courthouse Academy.” — Samantha Bescher

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