Spanish Kindergarten

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“My husband and I have two kids that attend Courthouse. We love it! We are so pleased with the education they are getting. They always bring completed work home for us to see their progress. The teachers are staff are all so friendly. They know our kids names and our kids really enjoy all of them. I know when I drop my kids off they are happy, safe and in a loving environment! Thanks for everything!” -Brandi, Brandon, Ethan and Emma

Spanish Curriculum
Monday-Friday 9:30am-3:00pm

¡Hola! ¡Beinvenidos a la clase de Kindergarten de Ingles y Español! In Courthouse Academy’s Spanish Immersion kindergarten class students will be guided through expanding their Spanish skills. Students will increase their Spanish vocabulary, work on better comprehension, and are required to display their comprehension through practical knowledge and lessons.  Students will develop and use more conversational skills, becoming more confident in their ability to communicate in Spanish with their teachers and peers.

English Curriculum Overview

Courthouse Academy offers a small-class environment that stimulates your children’s minds. Building upon your children’s academic foundations, the teacher will be able to take your children to the next level while encouraging them to use creativity, imagination, and knowledge in a structured, integrated, and hands-on learning environment. The Virginia Standards of Learning will be used as a basic level, moving on to an additional and deeper understanding of all subjects studied. Student-directed activities encourage independent thinking and problem solving. Students learn to be respectful, good citizens and to be involved in the community. Emphasis on strong reading skills helps students read above their grade level. Your child will not only gain core knowledge, but also expand it further for greater comprehension and retention.