Spanish First Grade

students and teachers

Spanish Curriculum

Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

¡Hola! ¡Beinvenidos a la clase de primero de Ingles y Español de Courthouse Academy! Courthouse Academy‘s Spanish Immersion first grade program is a diversified curriculum in both English and Spanish. The small class environment stimulates your child’s mind while building on your child’s academic foundation. Studies have shown that bilingual children have larger vocabularies and better problem solving skills. Our Spanish Immersion first grade allows your child to explore a second language and become more confident in reading, writing and verbal skills. Student directed activities encourage independent thinking. Students learn to be respectful, good citizens and to be involved in the community.

An emphasis on strong reading and math skills help our students soar in the class with our low student to teacher ratios. We pride ourselves on academic excellence. Our students are well rounded as we incorporate art, music and gym into their weekly schedules.

What the first graders have to say… 

Being a first grader isn’t all it is cracked up to be! After you put your backpack up and your folder in the box you go to your seat and have to do work and then when you are done with that work you have to do more work!

You do calendar. They expect you to remember the days of the week, you always remember Fridays because after Fridays you get to sleep in on Sleep in Saturdays. Saturdays are great but you will miss your friends. Miss Liz will do a lesson with the class and then you will go to centers. When you are good at centers you get to clip up. You want to clip up to pink, that is the best but sometimes it is not easy because you will talk to your friends and forget what to do. You get to go to music and sing and dance and art you can draw crazy pictures and at gym you run and play games. You will have fun.

Lunch is great. You get to eat with your friends and your teachers and talk about silly things. When you get tired Miss Liz will let your take a brain break! You will love playing on my brain needs that break. You will speak a lot of Spanish. When you have to go to the bathroom you will have to ask in Spanish and then Miss Liz will let you go. It is not that hard. You will do science experiments too. They are fun. You will have social studies too and learn about Eleanor Roosevelt! She was a pretty cool lady.

Then it is time to go home. I do not like to leave class because it is so much fun. Sometimes, when we are lucky we do not even do work we just get in groups and use tools to figure things out. You will go home and wonder what you will do tomorrow. First grade is fun. I am not so sure about second grade.