Problems We Solve

Overall and Long-Term Development:

  1. By providing a bilingual education we foster advanced brain development.
  2. Bilingual education improves Executive Function of the brain.
  3. Children who receive a bilingual education typically perform better and score higher on standardized college entrance exams.
  4. By developing bilingualism we encourage the development of creative thinking skills.
  5. Bilingual education helps children learn to focus better and ignore distractions.
  6. Bilingual children have improved problem-solving, multitasking, and decision making skills.
  7. Your children will have a greater ability to choose the course of their future. They will be more highly sought after in the job market and have the potential to make larger salaries.
  8. Bilingulism improves long term brain health by improving cognition and delaying the onset of dementia in older adults.

Daily Care and Education

  1. We provide a safe and educational environment for all your children to attend from morning to evening, serving infants through elementary school.
  2. You do not need to have your children transported from one location to another during the day.
  3. You can choose to have your children attend our afterschool program for care or to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  4. We use technology in the classrooms for communication, assessment, and education.
  5. Small class sizes allow students to receive maximum attention.
  6. The Courthouse Academy staff has over 386 years of combined teaching experience.
  7. Your family has a home away from home. The staff knows and recognizes each family and child.
  8. A safe place for your children – Courthouse Academy has been evaluated and recognized as a safe place for children by the Virginia Beach Police Department.