Parent Testimonials

“We love Courthouse Academy! My daughter looks forward to going to school every morning. She thoroughly enjoys the before and after school programs as well. These programs are extremely helpful and necessary when working longer hours.”

“We love Courthouse Academy. Our daughter has been at the school for four years and we are very pleased at how she has progressed academically and socially. In Kindergarten, she was reading on her own by December of that school year, she is in first grade and is reading at almost a third-grade level. We have loved her teachers and they’ve all been very helpful and professional. Her kindergarten teacher has been teaching for 18+ years and her first grade teachers both have Bachelor’s degrees. She is in a Spanish Immersion class and loves learning a second language. We are impressed at how well she is writing and spelling. Class sizes are small so she gets more time with the teacher. Her teachers have always encouraged learning and created an excitement for it in class and at home. We return to Courthouse Academy year after year because of the caring environment. The front office is kind, caring, and accommodating and they know every child. My child isn’t just a name in a classroom, they know her and how she is doing in class. They make time to talk with the children and are greeted at the door everyday. We are glad that we found such a great school for our daughter to attend in her formative years of grade school.”  – Leticia Brand

Courthouse Academy has been an awesome experience from day one when we discovered it almost three years ago. The owner, Miss Kym has always been fantastic. She is often at the Academy sharing her positive attitude and motivating students to do their best. Miss Julie, the director is amazing. She is always readily available to speak to when needed. If you have a concern, Miss Julie addresses the situation promptly and efficiently. The teachers my daughter has had, Miss Maria, Miss Jamily, and Miss Liz have not only been exceptional teachers, but more importantly, the most caring individuals who truly have my child’s best interest at heart. Even the receptionist, Miss Krista is all smiles, extremely helpful and always makes you feel welcome when entering the building.”

“The Spanish Immersion program is wonderful. My daughter loves learning another language. She often speaks Spanish in our home and encourages her brothers to speak it as well. She loves to teach them the new Spanish concepts she learns daily. She has learned so much, and has become quite fluent in short period of time. The benefits of being bilingual are simply immeasurable. She has become a more confident and secure little girl.”

“My daughter has had nothing but great experiences and even better memories while attending Courthouse Academy. We feel blessed to have found this wonderful school when we did!”  – Cynthia Villarreal

“First, I wanted to thank Ms. Julie and the staff at Courthouse Academy for always being there for our children. When we moved up here from Florida, we had no idea what we were in for, especially coming in the middle of the school year. They went from knowing the basics, to being well versed in English and Spanish! I am completely shocked at the drastic improvement half a year did for our children! Courthouse Academy is a school I will recommend time and time again to friends and their children. Thank you so much for being there to teach them every detail, and setting them up for success when they graduate.”

“P.S. We need a 3rd grade option next year. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!”  — Denise and Kevin Smith