Feed Your Babies Peanuts, New Guidelines Say

The latest government advice to parents is: Let them eat peanuts! Guidelines for new parents is known to shift with the times and the latest government recommendations on when to expose children to peanuts represents a dramatic shift from previous … Continue reading

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Babies exposed to stimulation get brain boost

Many new parents still think that babies should develop at their own pace, and that they shouldn’t be challenged to do things that they’re not yet ready for. Infants should learn to roll around under their own power, without any … Continue reading

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Virginia Beach school teaches kids to be bilingual by giving them teachers who speak only Spanish

A 3-year-old boy looks up at a visitor and shyly whispers, “Hola.” Meanwhile, a second-grader starts to ask her teacher a question in English, but is corrected and told to speak Spanish. These kids are students in Courthouse Academy’s Spanish … Continue reading

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